Monday, October 8, 2012

"Karen Murphy Being Robbed of...(1979)"© Eugene Pinkowski

 This is one of my first professional shoots back in 1979. I used 35mm Kodak PlusX Pan Film,handline developed,and printed, by me.Being self-taught, I rarely read instructions, and simply worked by the seat of my pants,trial and error.Last year,we needed to digitize my film archive. When scanning the negs from this shoot, I noticed moisture had caused well, I must not have fully rinsed these negatives,as the fix was reactivated from that moisture, and caused the dnsest areas of the negs, namely the blacks, to become thicker, with lowlights looking solarized in the scans. I used Photoshop CS6, and, by cloning and meticulously repairing this image, restored missing areas of emulsion, and removed all of the thickened emulsion outlining the blacks in this image.The male model,Todd, in the bed next to Karen Murphy, was missing his right hand and most of his right shirt,into his neck and face.Karen's lace blouse was missing all detail in the sleeves.Now, it looks as it did when I shot it in Beverly Hills in 1979. E.P.
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