Thursday, July 25, 2013

Luther Vandross Fights Back

"Luther Vandross Fights Back:INTERVIEW Magazine" © Eugene Pinkowski         When I did this shoot for INTERVIEW Magazine, Luther Vandross had just recovered from a car accident he had been involved in. Unfortunately, there was some puported scandal associated with this accident,and Luther was being wrongly accused. I chose an art gallery for this shoot,because of this installation. Luther,being the gentle soul that he was, put on his boxing glove,and let the world know he was fighting back. Of course,he was found innocent,and rightly so. Luther Vandross was an extremely talented  and generous man. So many artists today would have remained unknown if not for Luther Vandross and his 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


IT'S A ROYAL BABY BOY!                                                                                                               "Another Bottle of Mo√ęt!:The DeVogue American Ballet Theatre Gala" ©Eugene

Claude and Francois-Xavier LaLanne © Eugene Pinkowski

"The Great Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne ,With Stone Head Sheathed in Paper Towels" © Eugene Pinkowski     Claude said:"Oh,she looks so naked.The head will be covered in ivy on the real fountain. I just hate her little bald head!" Then,she got up, grabbed a roll of Brawny, wrapped the stone head on the maquette,and said:"Now I will pose with her."

Four sentenced for GBP 6m film tax fraud - Financial and Business News - MENAFN

Four sentenced for GBP 6m film tax fraud - Financial and Business News - MENAFN

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Jennifer Nicholson on Her StairMaster"

"Jennifer Nicholson on Her StairMaster,Wwwww.eugenepinkowski.comearing Green Velvet" © Eugene Pinkowski      Dedicated to Jen N., because she "get's it", and to Gregory McCoy, because he will, as well. I always think of the film version of "Suddenly Last Summer" when I look at this photo. That film was shot entirely in black and white, yet the production spent a fortune to make the interior of Violet Venable's estate the perfect shades of green. Jennifer is wearing a rich green velvet evening dress in this photograph. And, although this image is black and white, one can feel that green of her dress. E.P.www.eugene

"Luther Vandross With Lamp"

"Luther Vandross With Lamp"© Eugene Pinkowski               For Dave Koz, Luther's good friend, and Super Model Paul Palmero, who actually acted as my photo assistant for this shoot(And was excellent). I was shooting Luther for INTERVIEW and his P.R. The nicest, most gentle, talented man, When he walked in to my studio he asked :"Where's the photographer.Only models are here.Am I in the right studio?" 

My Dear Old Friend, Rodney Bingenheimer

"Rodney Bingenheimer With Tab,West Hollywood, California-1982"       My good friend of so many years. This image had almost been destroyed beyond restoration during that "incident" last Oct-Dec. Now, Rodney's portrait is back in glorious full color. I remember I was shooting in a studio on Santa Monica Blvd., across from The Formosa, and two doors down from Rodney's Nightclub. Rodney popped by,then left, and came back with his iridescent blue liner on, and very shyly asked me "If you have time, will you take one shot of me?" I shot three rolls;two color,one B+W(From which I was able to capture a stunningly stark portrait of Rodney, unlike anything taken of him. a very private side,showing him as the determined discoverer of some of the greatest rock legends of all time)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Lili Fini Zanuck Wearing Yves St. Laurent"

"Lili Fini Zanuck Wearing Yves St. Laurent, Malibu, California" ©Eugene Pinkowski                             This image of Lili has never been published until now. (Mamiya RZ;Plus-X Pro Pan 120,6x7 format)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Elegant Pair

"Julianne Moore and Russell Crowe:72nd Academy Awards" © Eugene Pinkowski         Such an elegant couple!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Mrs Prentis Cobb Hale

"Mrs Prentis Cobb Hale in Her Green Room,Nob Hill, San Francisco, California" © Eugene Pinkowski

Queen Latifah and Friends

"Queen Latifah Admires Lili Zanuck's Diamonds:72nd Academy Awards" © Eugene Pinkowski
"Queen Latifah and Faith Hill Perform:72nd Academy Awards" ©Eugene Pinkowski   

The "Blue Series" made me think of Lili and Q bueen Latifah's  blue gowns.And, because I like The Queen,I posted this shot of her performing with Faith Hill. E.P.

"Blue Series"

"The Beginning of Credit:Blue Series,2003" © Eugene Pinkowski

"The Locked Gate:Blue Series,2003" © Eugene Pinkowski

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday David Hockney!

"David Hockney On a Cow, west Hollywood, California" © Eugene Pinkowski                           and, Hap,Hap,Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney!

"Jennifer Nicholson at Her Dressing Table"

"Jennifer Nicholson at Her Dressing Table,Santa Monica, California" © Eugene Pinkowski         I love this image of my dear friend Jennifer. It depicts a woman,being utterly feminine, caught offguard,during a private moment. Jennifer is so natural and relaxed in front of a camera. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Kim Wilde

"Kim Wilde in Red Tulle, Hollywood, California" © Eugene Pinkowski         As long as we're in a British state of mind, let's not forget how truly stunning Kim Wilde is in a photograph.

Congratulations Dave Koz

"Dave Koz Takes a Bow,Venice,California" © Eugene Pinkowski      Congratulations to Koz on his successful London tour !

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dave Koz With Silver Sax (Polaroid Capture)

 "Dave Koz With Silver Sax,Venice,California" © Eugene Pinkowski(Polaroid capture using Mamiya RZ)

Friday, July 5, 2013


    "Happy Birthday to My Brother, David" (July 5, 2013)
    AND,HAPPY JULY 4th to ALL!!!
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 "David on His Birthday, July 5th, 1944" ©Eugene Pinkowski  My parents always celebrated July 4th and July 5th as his birthday, as he was born 12:01 am July 5,1942. Love the cake! And, no ants...