Saturday, December 15, 2012

"The Ghetto Series-2012" by Eugene Pinkowski ©

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"Ghetto Electric Car #1-2012" ©Eugene Pinkowski  from "Ghetto Series-2012" by Eugene Pinkowski

"The Ghetto Series-2012" by Eugene Pinkowski©

"Enter The Ghetto Supermarket..WIC Fun Zone-2012" © Eugene Pinkowski   from "Ghetto Series 1,2012" by Eugene Pinkowski

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Domingo Sucks His Thumb..." New York Series I ,1992-1995

"Domingo Sucks His Thumb in My Christopher Street Apartment,N.Y."©Eugene Pinkowski from "New York SeriesI 1992-1995 ©Eugene Pinkowski     Between assingments,I would ask interesting looking strangers if I could photograph them.They could pose any way they desired.  lways use my 89 Christopher Street apartment as the set. it had pale tangerine walls,grey carpet,charcoal and grey sofa bed ,as decorated by the owner. Domingo was 6'4",had blue-black hair,wore the finest designer clothes. It was the December of the blizzard.First,I did a fashion shoot against the six foot snow banks.I had platinum blonde hair at that time,and I wanted to see how Domingo would look as A Snow Angel,so I sprayed his hair white,painted his nails white.Almos t every person I photographed asked to pose nude,including Domingo.they all wanted to reveal themselve for my camera.Domingo started sucking his thumb,so we put his briefs back on him,as they looked like a type of diaper,and balanced the shot. E.P.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Debbie Left Hanging" by Eugene Pinkowski©

"Debbie Left Hanging-1979" © Eugene Pinkowski

Couture: Yves St. Laurent,1979 by Eugene Pinkowski ©

"Debbie Forte "Debbie Forte In Yves St. Laurent Courture-1979" © Eugene Pinkowski
Debbie was one of the first "exotics" models.She could do high fashion aloof,fantasy, and is the sweetest girl.
Mr. Chow's gorgeous daughter ,ans so,so manyt others,are now mainstream due to the doors opened by girls like Debbie Forte

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aaron and Candy Spelling for INTERVIEW Magazine,by Eugene Pinkowski ©

"The Incomparable Aaron and Candy Spelling-1986" © Eugene Pinkowski

The Mission San Gabriel,New Works-2012 by Eugene Pinkowski

"Mission Bells-2012"© Eugene Pinkowski
"Mission Door-2012"©Eugene Pinkowski

"Mission Window With Blooming Cactus-2012" ©Eugene Pinkowski

"Jennifer Tilly At LaBoheme" © Eugene Pinkowski

"Ashley Tell at The Docks,N.Y." © Eugene  Pinkowski

"Rae Dawn Chong" by Eugene Pinkowski ©

"Rae Dawn Chong With Ring" © Eugene Pinkowski     With her swan's neck,tawny skin, graceful ,feminine hands, Rae Dawn Chong is an icon of the American Casual sense of fashion and feminine beauty in this image.