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Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Miguel Ferrer With Smoke Ring-1996"©Eugene Pinkowski

Miguel Ferrer photographed for Madame Magazine, Germany, in 1996. Shot in Los Angeles, California, using Kodachrome 64 film, pushed .5 stops, and lit with a combination of Tungsten and natural light.
there is just enough detail in the all black clothing I chose for Ferrer, against the shine of the black leather sofa, to give him real depth and dimension. I intentionally chose a very minimal color palette so his face and the smoke ring would be the immediate focus of this image. the silver cuff links and watch again add dimension, while keeping color to a minimum, so this is really almost a black and white image. The smoke ring is not digitally superimposed, but exactly as it appeared that day. E.P.

"Miguel Ferrer With Smoke Ring-1996"© Eugene Pinkowski

Miguel Ferrer photographed in Los Angeles, California in 1996 blowing a perfect smoke ring. Kodachrome 64 film, Tungsten and natural light. 
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