Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Dennis Hopper Shows Joan Quinn His Photos-1985" © Eugene Pinkowski

 This was one of my first shoots as a staff photographer for INTERVIEW Magazine.
Andy Warhol called me personally on a Saturday to ask me "if I wanted to do a shoot"
That next Tuesday was Dennis Hopper, who had just wrapped "Blue Velvet". at first,he just hated me. I couldn't light him,I couldn't capture him,and he was unrelenting. Then, he was perspiring, so I took a blotter over and touched his face. He said:"I never wore any f------ make-up in a film, I'm not wearing any f------ make-up for you!"
I burst out laughing as he was so over the top.
He laughed,and the ice was broken. Joan Quinn,West Coast editor for INTERVIEW arrived. the shoot wrapped,and Dennis asked me "Do you want to see some of my work?" Out came this stack of prints, Joan sitting next to Dennis, and this image is the result.
Dennis and I worked together often.If he was walking down any street in any city, he would run up and give me a hug if he saw me. I miss Dennis very much.E.P.

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