Friday, May 3, 2013


Well,Kids, I just came across this Facebook page, with forty-one lovely & complimentary comments. "Beautiful.." , "Wow...',etc. The only comment missing is:" 'Thank-you' to Eugene Pinkowski, for taking this beautiful photograph"
When I post my photographs on my site, or on Facebook, Twitter, on my Blog,etc,, I know they will be reposted. My Dear Friend, Olivier Avellana, not only wrote "Thank-you", gave me full credit, but his friends, all strangers to date, wrote to me stating they were  "happy", "thrilled' , because they could post my photos of Olivier.  Paul Palmero, Raymond Lee, and so many others, always give photo credit to every photographer's work they post. 
Others,however,seem to contract amnesia when it comes time to give credit where credit is due. So,now, I am offering a  challenge:Those of you deleting my photo credit from my photographs of you,or of images by me where you did hair,makeup,styling for me,  are being challenged to create a new self-portrait, beauty, or fashion shoot. . If your photograph is viewed, objectively, and found to surpass my  image(s), you will be "The Winner". You must shoot it yourself, not copy or try to duplicte the theme and/or concept of my images  where you were the subject, or off camera talent  , do all Photoshop work yourself,  not subcontract out, and then post your image(s),without photo credit.   Once posted,  the "best  images" will be determined.. E.P. (And, you must complete and post by May 30, 2013)
Good Luck!

© Eugene Pinkowski

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